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Thank You Hoard Members

You guys really helped that monster to grow, thank you far all the support! So sorry that i was not able to get your fast pass ready and have a cool experience you deserve. Sunday at 8pm i will have it ready (ihope) or as soon i have info for you i will let you know. But yeah so cool guys, thanks for your support!
questions to drunkendragonhotel@gmail.com
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Shipping Times for all orders.

All 2024 orders are Pre-Orders, your order will be shipped collectively end of July WITH SWAAAG.

Sunday 8pm the 2nd wave of SWAG Drops!

Still a bunch of stuff i could not upload... T-shirts, Patches, The 2024 DDH Killer Tiki shirt, Limited editions, all Ghostbusters, hat/caps, more pins, Jerseys, coins, stickers... so you need to save some bottle caps till then! -Sven