Dragon Challenge Medal

What is it kids?
Is it a virtual challenge for a cool Medal/Lanyard or is a Lanyard/Medal that comes with a cool virtual challenge?
Sadly no one actually knows.

2021 first edition Brass and Stained glass-ish Tiki Challenge Medal with built in Lanyard that attaches your badge. Fellow variants will be in awe of the cool shit that you did to earn it at home or at con. SHOP HERE

Free Raunchy Hotel Door Hanger and Blue Post Card

Every order gets a free fun hotel door hanger for your home or convention room. It will be add automatically to your shipment. Also every customer get a blue 2020 Drunken Dragon postcard! Fun Free stuff with each order!!!!


The Hotel Manager

Always tip your Housekeeping

“What Happens In Your Room, Stays In Your Room.”

I see you Labor Day Weekend.

-Your Housekeeping

The Unconventional Convention Hotel

Drunken Dragon Hotel, we are the fictional unconventional convention hotel. Your new favorite host hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta. You should sign up for our hunger games, our rooms sell out quick. The Drunken Dragon Hotel boasts 900 carefully appointed rooms with modern conveniences and splendid views. We look forward to having you as our guest. Until then please feel free to visit our gift shop.


The Hotel Manager