Dragon Challenge 2021 Medal + Lanyard

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What is it kids? Is it a virtual challenge for a cool Medal/Lanyard or is a Lanyard/Medal that comes with a cool virtual challenge? Sadly no one actually knows.

2021 first edition Brass and Stained glass-ish Tiki Challenge Medal with built in Lanyard that attaches your badge. Fellow variants will be in awe of the cool shit that you did to earn it at home or at con.
Buy your collectable Medal what is also a Lanyard. Check the DragonChallenge rules they can be tough and serious as the Dcon itself :D (not at all)

-Lanyard with a Medal, like all Lanyards you can attach your Convention Pass
-or Medal with a Lanyard attached to it, either way damn cool
-Brass and Stained glass-ish details
-Rules will be released at DCON2021 but like i spoiled... we are all winners, you can do a Challenge but you really don't have to.