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This Membership gives you exclusive entrance to the Dragons Hoard (for the current year 2024).

BUT if you are not a member, all products are available to the public at dragoncon 2024 at our booth on the 2nd floor at americasmart.

Basically like a patreon your membership helps me finance a small portion of the big expenses for 2024. I'm running this thing here from my basement, alone with a helper... i love it, it's now just a little bigger than a hobby and i would love some support, you will get some cool perks:

-Become a DDH "The Hoard" membership card holder
-Free shipping for a running year (USA ONLY)
-Exclusive access to Hoard Members-Only merchandise
-Even more free swag from then usually
-We roll out the Marriott carpet for our club members
-Not sure what else but we will see
All kinds of other Sventastic Swag we can’t tell you about yet.
Bottom line, Membership helps the DD Hotel finance some chunk and you get the white glove service.
You can’t do a Hoard Membership?: Everything stays the same quality as always. Nothing changes for you!

-Is the same as the $100 Membership, only makes a bigger punch.

-is the same as the $100 Membership, but you get a full page printed in the Drunken Dragon Hotel Booklet. Use it for advertisements, memes, show everyone your cat, gender reveal, tell us about your social media, what needs more love or share a secret room party with all DDH guests... Basically you can print (almost) everything you want. (DDH is very relaxed with the content, but we have the last say) Size will be A5  but the exact sizes sill be send to you later!